Technology tidbits

Tips for Using Foundation's Interchange

December 17, 2014 by Christopher Sherman

Foundation’s Interchange is a responsive content solution that enables resource requests to adapt according to available screen real estate. Images are a particularly applicable use-case for Interchange since a massive, landscape photo doesn’t have the same effect on a phone as on a 27-inch monitor.

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Minification and Bundling in Umbraco

December 16, 2014 by Christopher Sherman

The Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework improves the performance and reliability of your application through bundling, minification and versioning of your web resources. Bundling multiple scripts or stylesheets into one resource saves overhead by requiring browsers to make fewer HTTP requests; minification entails shortening the variable names and eliminating whitespace in your resources, thereby reducing file size; appending a version to your bundles ensures visitors to your site will use the current resources rather than stale, cached versions with the same file name.

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