Vice President for Finance

Responsive website for Virginia Tech's VP for Finance

  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Finance


The Vice President for Finance website provides information and contact details related to the Office of the Vice President for Finance at Virginia Tech. I was responsible for the design, architecture, development, and deployment of this site.

To present palatable content to the variety of devices accessing the site, I utilized the Foundation front-end framework. Foundation helps developers create sites that are responsive, which is another way of saying that the website adapts to the screen accessing it. With responsive design, content can be presented appropriately on a phone just as well as a widescreen monitor from a single URL.

For this project, I made use of a plugin introduced in Foundation 5 called Interchange. As stated in the Foundation docs, Interchange uses media queries to dynamically load responsive content. One place where I made use of Interchange was in the banner image on the home page. Depending on the size of your device, you will see a different banner image, appropriately sized to the available pixels. Not only does responsive content make the site look better, it also avoids downloading massive images to devices incapable of properly viewing them.


  • Languages
    • Sass
    • HTML
  • Frameworks
    • Zurb Foundation
    • ASP Dot Net MVC
  • Databases
  • Source Code