Sherman 2016

Digital platform for a political campaign

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Sherman 2016 is the digital presence of Jefferson Sherman’s presidential campaign.

To establish the campaign message, the index page prominently displays the candidate’s logo and slogan. Putting the logo in the face of visitors forms a visual association transferable to bumper stickers, a popular form of political engagement. Beneath the logo, the copy cuts directly to the goals of the candidate with a heading and ordered list, immediately establishing the campaign’s platform.

To build on the message, the second item in the menu is a link to the candidate’s plan. Assuming the index page piqued the visitor’s interest, delving into the plan for implementation is a natural next step. This page walks the visitor, topic by topic, through the candidate’s talking points.

The remaining menu items are all about engagement. If a casual visitor is still on the site after browsing the index and plan pages, they may be inspired to assist with the campaign. Doing so should be convenient and natural. For visitors coming to the site with an established intention to help, there should be conspicuous avenues for involvement. To accomplish this, the menu has options for volunteering, making financial contributions and connecting on social media. Additionally, each page contains a banner in which visitors may submit their email address, subscribing them to news and events.


  • Languages
    • JavaScript
    • C-Sharp
    • Sass
    • HTML
  • Frameworks
    • Breeze
    • Durandal
    • Zurb Foundation
  • Databases
    • SQL Server